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City of Hiram

The City of Hirm is looking for an Occupation Tax/Business License and Permits Specialist. This position is responsible for maintaining and processing Occupation Tax Certificate Applications, Alcohol Licenses, Pawn Shop Licenses, Precious Metals Dealer Registrations, Insurance Company License Fees, Financial Institution Fees, Massage Establishment Licenses, Temporary/Special Event Permits, Film Permits, Food Truck Permits, hotel motel excise taxes, liquor by the drink excise taxes, and ensuring compliance with all Federal, State and Municipal regulations. Collects and Records Fees for all of the above. Audits and ensures all Businesses in the City of Hiram are properly registered and compliant.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested, use the link below to apply for the job and read the full job summary, major duties, and employment standards.



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